A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas is my most anticipated release of this year so when I saw there was predictions questions and other people were doing it I thought that I would do it to, so that I could share my opinions with you guys.

The questions were created by abookandacoffee on tumblr: http://abookandacoffee.tumblr.com/post/159528341582/acowar-prediction-asks

  1. Do you want any other POV’s besides Rhys or Feyre? Which? I would just be okay with it only being told in Rhys and Feyre’s perspective, I mean if any other characters were to have a POV I wouldn’t mind seeing Cassian or Nesta’s Point of view.
  2. If you could only pick one ship, elucien, nessian, or moriel, to officially become canon (IE declaration of love or, ahem, physical consummation), which would it be? Nessian. I ship them hardcore.
  3. Do you have any theories about what will happen with the war? As long as none of the characters I like die I will be happy. I think some major things are going to go down. I also really want Rhys to try and get good relations with Tarquin again because I truly believe that Tarquin wanted to be Rhys’s friend.
  4. Cassian’s wings. Go. I really hope they are alright. I just don’t want Cassian to be hurt beyond compare and without his wings that would be terrible.
  5. Do you think we will see Miryam and Drakon? Do you want to? Yes I mean they couldn’t have been mentioned in the last book for nothing.
  6. Which character (outside of Rhys and Feyre) do you want to see getting the most development? Hmmm. I don’t know maybe Nesta because we do not know to much about Feyre’s sisters.
  7. Tamlin: redemption or death? Honestly after all the stuff he did, I almost want to say death, but there is a small part of me that wants to see Tamlin redeemed so I am going to say redemption.
  8. Do you think anyone will die in ACOWAR (that we care about, that is)? Who? I don’t want anyone to die but if I was going to pick someone I would say Azriel. I don’t know why but if someone had to die from the night court inner circle that is who I would pick.
  9. What role do you think the other courts will play in the war? Alliances will have to be made and honestly I hope most side with the night court but I can see some courts aligning with the spring court.
  10. Are there any minor characters (e.g. the Bone Carver, the Weaver) that you’d like to see again? The Sureal because that character had literally been in every book and if it is not in the last book I will be a bit upset.
  11. How effective of a spy do you think Feyre will be, really? I honestly think she is going to be a great spy.
  12. Which court do you most want to see in ACOWAR? The Winter court I have no idea why but it is a court we have heard practically nothing about and haven’t even seen.
  13.  Lesser fae – do you want to see more of them? Yeah.
  14.  How do you think Elain will react to the mating bond with Lucien? Not very well seeing how she was going to marry someone who despised Fae with every part of his being I do not think Elain holds a soft spot for them either. Plus I think she will be a bit afraid of Lucien.
  15.  Would you rather Nesta train as a warrior, or more of a strategist? Do you think she’ll actually be willing to help out the Night Court? A warrior and yes I definitely think she is going to help the Night Court.
  16.  Mor’s power – what would you like it to be? I also don’t know for this one. I didn’t even know she was supposed to have a special power. Although Mor is super awesome so I would like her power to reflect her as a character.
  17.  What do you think the dynamic between Lucien and Feyre will be like in the Spring Court? Lucien is always going to watch every move that Feyre makes because he knows somethings up.
  18.  How do you think the Cauldron might come into play in the war? It might be the deciding factor.
  19.  The mortal queens: do you think they all survived taking a Cauldron bath? What would you like to see happen with them? I hope not, and they could all die in my opinion.
  20.  Amren: what is she, really? Would you be ok if she got to go home? Maybe she is a witch or some other creature. I think it would be okay if she got to go home.
  21. Jurian or the King of Hybern or Ianthe: who needs to die more? All of them. Although for the sake of this question I will say the King of Hybern.
  22. What smut scenes would you like to see in the book? Feyre and Rhys scenes I mean there isn’t really another group of characters that I think I want to see in a smutty steamy scene yet.
  23.  Babies – yea or nay? If you had to pick one couple to have a mini, who would it be? At the end in the epilogue totally. I would love to see Rhys and Feyre have a baby, I mean a baby represents the love and affection to people feel for each other.
  24. How do you think Nesta and Elain will react to being thrust into the Night Court after going for a swim in the Cauldron? I think Nesta will react to it better than Elain.
  25.  How quickly are you going to read this book, exactly? Do you want spoilers? Or are you going to avoid tumblr like the plague? Very quickly. I do not want spoilers.
  26. What are three things you do NOT want from ACOWAR? The death of my favorite characters, too many smutty scenes, and that’s basically it.
  27.  What are your top three wishes for ACOWAR that you would metaphorically (or literally) kill for? Everything to turn out well, everyone happy and healthy in the end, redemption arcs for Tamlin and Lucien. As well as for Nessian to become canon.

Thank you for reading comment down below some predictions you have for the book. If you have any books you want me to read and review comment down below. I hope you are all having a great day.