Is He Or Isn’t HeImage result for is he or isn't he

By: John Hall

Rating: 5/5 stars

Synopsis: In the glittering world of New York City’s richest and most famous prep school, best friends Paige and Anthony become equally entranced by the enigmatic, ever–so–cute new guy Max, but in order to snag him, they must first use their charms and wit to discover the truth–is he or isn’t he?

Did it perpetuate healthy ideals? The friendship between Paige and Anthony was incredible. I also really enjoyed reading about Anthony and Paulo’s relationship as brothers and I found it to be very realistic. Although they did do some things to try and find out if Max was gay or not I overall thought this book did perpetuate healthy ideals.

Did it have adequate representation? Yes, this book is told in the perspectives of Anthony and Paige. Paige is straight and Anthony is gay. I found that it was very well told. I enjoyed reading from both of their perspectives and I thought the book overall had adequate representation.

Did it teach me something or make me think? This book definitely made me think and I guess it also taught me not to judge just based on looks because they both go after Max because he is attractive. Also like Paulo said “why don’t you just ask him.” Is he or isn’t he.

Were the characters memorable? Yes, It has been a while since I have read this book and I still have a clear picture in my mind of what all the characters look like. Of course characters like Anthony, Paige, and Max are very memorable because the book was structured around those characters. Paige’s friends are also very memorable, not to mention Anthony’s brother Paulo.

Was the plot clever? Yes, although they could have just asked him the story wouldn’t be the same. The story progresses in a way that by getting the answer to the question ‘Is he or isn’t he’ actually gets them answers to many other questions instead. Also the plot made this book pretty fast paced I read it in a day.

Favorite Quotes: 

  • “For a relationship to work, you really have to know the person you’re involved with. Otherwise it’s never going to last.”
  • “Sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your nose and you don’t even know it.”

I definitely recommend this book. If you guys have any books you want me to read and review comment down below. Thanks for reading and I hope you are having a good day.