I actually read books in March and am finally starting to get out of the huge reading slump that I was in.

  1. Hamlet by William Shakespeare. I had to read this one for school so while it was not something I read for pleasure I still really enjoyed it. This is the first book, well play, I have read for school that I rated five/five stars.
  2. A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. I thought this book was spectacular and also rated it 5/5 stars.
  3. Is He or Isn’t He by John Hall. This book is a new favorite of mine. I found myself enjoying it from beginning to the end. I rated this book 5/5 stars as well.
  4. Happy Cafe Volume 2 by Kou Matsuzuki. This is a manga and I am really enjoying this manga series so far and I am excited to see what happens next.
  5. Fairest by Marissa Meyer. I went into this book with high expectations because of the rest of the lunar chronicles series. It is not a bad book, I just really didn’t like Levana. I didn’t really see the need for this story. This book also did not change my opinion of Levana like many other people said it did. In fact this book made me dislike her more which I thought was impossible before reading it. That is why I rated Fairest 3.5/5 stars.

So I really enjoyed the books I read this month and I hope the month of April is just as good as a reading month. What did you read this month, comment down below.