I am not sure if I want to do TBR’s anymore. I have been in the most horrible reading slump of my life. I want to pick up books and I do but then I just stop. Its not because I am not enjoying the book, its because I have so many other books to get to as well. I feel that my TBR makes me more worried about the books I am going to read during the month. I want to read what I want to read, when I want to read it. TBR’s mess this up. So instead I think I am going to try not doing TBR’s and am just going to do wrap ups.

I did not finish a single book in February. I started a bunch of books and finished none of them. I hope the month of March goes better. I am also sorry that I didn’t do any blog posts. February was a really hectic month in school. I really hope March is better.