Sorry I haven’t updated in forever, one of my goals that isn’t reading is to definitely post more often. 2016 was an okay year but I ended up being in a major slump for most of the year and I would be able to start books but then I just would put them down. This year is going to be better though I just know it.

  1. I am only going to put my goodreads goal at 1 book. I know this is very different but I feel that putting a high reading goal really stresses me out and makes me feel like I have to read rather than want to.
  2. I want to review every book I read.
  3. I want to read at least 10 2017 releases.
  4. I want to reread at least 5 books.
  5. I want to read all the books I own that I have not yet.

These are my reading goals for 2017. What are some of your guy’s reading goals? Hopefully 2017 is an amazing year.