I finally decided to update and I am very disappointed with myself. I haven’t really finished any of the books on my TBR because I am in a reading slump right now. I will pick up one of the books and then after reading a chapter put it down and say to myself, “I don’t think I want to read that book right now.”

Although I can say that I am 55 pages into Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. This book is definitely giving off Harry Potter vibes while reading it. I am enjoying it though. I am not sure if I am liking it as much as everyone else yet. I guess I am not that far into it yet so that could also be a reason why I am not liking it as much as others. I do like the different perspective point of view the book has. I am a bit confused though about who one character is in the book. I also haven’t met Baz yet in the book so that probably will change my opinion on it.

I am also reading Stars Above by Marissa Meyer. At first I was reading it in order and now I am reading it out of order so it is kind of hard to say where I am at. I can tell you for sure though I have completed reading three of the short stories in the book. I am also almost done one of the other short stories in the book of novellas. I am really enjoying this book so far though and it also has a little sneak peak of Heartless at the end so I am really excited to read that. I will probably read the sneak peak closer to the actual release date of Heartless though.

I also decided to change out the two Lux books for Rogue and Pride by Rachel Vincent. They are library books and they fit the tasks that I had the Lux books for so I decided to replace the Lux books with them. I really enjoyed the first book in the series which was Stray. I do have a review of Stray if you want to see what I thought about it.

When I read a chapter from each of the books trying and hoping that something would say to me this is actually a book that I want to continue reading at this moment. I read the first chapter of Queen of Shadows and I loved it. I don’t know which book to continue with though. I have so many to read. I ended up deciding that I should probably wait till after I finished one of the smaller books to read Queen of Shadows.

So yeah. If you want to know what the books on my TBR are you can go to my post about my TBR for this Readathon. Also if you want to give me advice on which book I should continue reading that would be great because right now I am stuck.