By: Rachel Vincent

Rating: 4/5 stars

Did it perpetuate healthy ideals: This book contains kidnapping, rape, and not to mention killing. I did like the pride community though and thought that the relationship of the pride was great. Also Marc is a bit to over protective.

Did it have adequate representation: This book is told in the perspective of Faythe, although I liked her perspective it would have been nice to see it from someone else’s perspective as well.

Did it teach me something or make me think: This book made me think about what it would be like to be one of the only female werecats there is. Also it made me think about what Faythe had to go through.

What was the writing style like: It was slow at parts but all together I would say this book was fast paced for me.

Were the characters memorable: I loved seeing the characters from Faythe’s perspective to me that made them even more memorable. All the guys were just great. Jace, and Marc, and Ethan, and Owen. I loved seeing them through Faythe’s eyes and can’t wait to see them all again in the next book.

Was the plot clever: Yes. I thought the plot of this book was intriguing. You just had to continue reading the book to see what happened next. So I hope as the plot continues in the next books it gets even better.

Did I enjoy reading it: Yes. I loved reading this book. Faythe would sometimes make me laugh out loud after reading something that she thought or said. This book was gripping and it also has one of my favorite first sentences.  I didn’t like some parts at all and that is why I removed a star. I also had really high expectations going into this book but I wasn’t disappointed.

Favorite Quotes: 

  • “The moment the door opened I knew an ass-kicking was inevitable. Whether I’d be giving it or receiving it was still a bit of a mystery.”
  • “It’s not the length of the word; it’s how well you use it!”
  • “Apparently the complete works of Shakespeare packed quite a wallop. To think, my mother said I’d never find use for an English degree. Ha! I’d like to see her knock someone silly with an apron and a cookie press.”
  • “When mice run, cats give chase.”
  • “You bitch!”
    Why is it that whenever I draw blood, I’m a bitch?”
  • “I’m glad you think so. I’ve always considered my sense of humor to be largely underappreciated, so it’s nice to finally meet a fan.”
  • “The queen was my favorite chess piece. Unlike the women I knew in real life, she was powerful. Her job was to defend her husband at all costs, because while he was weak and practically defenseless—only allowed to move one square at a time—she was the strongest player on the board, hindered by no restrictions at all.”
  • “Anyway, I was the one in real danger. I got cornered by a pack of wild sorority girls in the food court. Apparently it’s mating season.”
  • “You mostly.” Her hands went still again as her eyes stared off into the past with a look so wistful it made me ache for her. “The boys tended to take care of each other but you were too much for anyone else to handle.”
    I poked at the ball of yarn avoiding her eyes. “I wasn’t that bad.”
    She smiled. “You broke Ethan’s arm.”
    “It was self-defense. He wouldn’t let go of my foot.”
    “He was helping you tie your shoe.”
  • “Kicking ass is surprisingly therapeutic”