Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey and is now hosted by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes on booktube. I have been blogging only since April so I don’t have to many posts but the posts I did that are my favorites are.

  1. Monthly Recommendations. I am part of the Monthly Recommendations group on goodreads and I love to do the posts.
  2. Doing Top Ten Tuesday posts and Top 5 Wednesday posts are posts I also love doing.
  3. I like to do wrap ups because it shows what I have read and what I rated books that I didn’t do a review on.
  4. I love to do book hauls because that means I have more books. Even though I don’t do many hauls it is something I hope I can do more of in the future.
  5.  I sometimes do a post that’s called Author of the week where I talk about one of my favorite authors. I enjoy doing these posts and I really hope it leads people to read books by the authors.

This was this weeks top 5 Wednesday. If your are a booktuber of book blogger what are your favorite posts you have done on your channel or website?