Top ten Tuesday is created by the broke and the bookish. ( Here’s the link This weeks topic is your top ten bookworm delights.

  1. When the author of a book you are reading or love has the same name as you. I don’t know if you feel the same but it makes me feel like my name is awesome when its the same name of an author that I love or am reading a book by. In fact I usually tend to pick up books that are written by authors who share my first name.
  2. Going to the bookstore. What book person doesn’t like being surrounded by books. I love to go out to the bookstore and buy more books.
  3. When someone buys you a book. I love when someone gives me a book as a gift or present. I feel like they really know me when they do because all my friends know that if they ever wanted to get me a gift, its a going to be a book.
  4. Lending someone a book and have them tell you they loved it. I love it when I lend one of my friends a book and they love it. Also is gives us even more to discuss.
  5. Going to the library and picking up a random book. I love to go to the library and when I do I sometimes gravitate to books I wont usually pick up in the store at first. I usually tend to buy new releases and books by authors I have read. So when I go to the library and pick up a random book it is something I love to do.
  6.  When a book is on sale. I love it when books are on sale that is when I buy a lot of books. For example one day I went to Walmart and they already had Lady Midnight in stock for 20% off back in March when it was just recently released. That was a good day.
  7. Going to a book signing. I love to meet the author of a book I enjoyed. I have only met and had one of my books signed by one author but it is still an amazing experience.
  8. Reading at my reading pillow. I don’t know where you read but on my bed I have a special reading pillow so I read there. In fact reading is probably one of my favorite bookworm delights.
  9. When you are reading a book and your OTP gets together. I love when my OTP gets together in the book I am reading it is literally one of the best parts in a book while reading it.
  10. When your favorite author has a new book coming out. All I can say for this bookworm delight at the moment is A Court Of Mist And Fury by Sarah J Maas.