Lola and the Boy Next Door                                                       By Stephanie Perkins

5/5 stars

Stephanie Perkins has done it again with another amazing book. In this book you follow the character Lola who likes to dress up and creates outfits, and is raised by her two dad’s Andy and Nathan. Lola has a boyfriend named Max and she lives her life trying to forget about a specific person named, Cricket Bell. When the Bell’s move back into the house next to Lola’s, Lola’s life turns upside down. She becomes confused and doesn’t know what is right anymore. Lola’s fellow employees Anna and Etienne (From Anna and the French Kiss) help her out. It was amazing to see St Clair and Anna again.

Lola also receives help from her Mother, with whom she doesn’t get along with. Lola also talks to the moon. Lola ends up falling in love with Cricket again and breaking up with Max. It ends with Cricket and Lola going to the dance together and Lola finally feeling like herself.

Favorite Quotes:

” “So do you believe in second chances?” I bite my lip. “Second, third, fourth. Whatever it takes. If the person is right,” he adds. “If the person is … Lola?” This time, he holds my gaze. “Only if the other person is Cricket.” ”

“There are some people in life that you can’t get over.”

“Its easy to talk about the things we hate, but sometimes its hard to explain exactly why we like something.”

” “Anna prods St. Clair’s shoulder. “Come on. Weren’t you gonna show me that thing?”
“What thing?”
She stares at him. He stares back. She cocks her head toward Cricket and me.
“Ah, yes.” St. Clair stands. “That thing.”
They rush out. The door shuts, and St. Clair shouts, “Lola, Cricket wants to show you his thing, too-oo!” ”

“Life isn’t about what you get, its about what you Do with what you get.”

“No more moving. I’m here. I’m wherever you are.”